ABI Calendar 2018-2019
Summer and Ramadan Break 1st June-29th June 2018
First Day of ABI 2nd July 2018
Eid ul Adha Vacation 20th August-24th August 2018
Back to School 27th August 2018
Thanksgiving Break 21st November-23rd November 2018
Back to School 26th November 2018
Winter Break 21st December 2018-4th January 2019
Back to School 7th January 2019
Spring Break 1st April-5th April 2019
Back to School 8th April 2019
Last Day of School 23rd May 2019 


Calendar 2019-2020

Summer & Ramadan Break 23th May – 16th June 2019
First Day of ABI 17th June 2019
Eid ul Adha Vacation 12th August- 14th August 2019
Back to School 15th August 2019
Thanksgiving Break 27th November 29th November 2019
Back to School 2nd December 2019
Winter Break 23th December – 3th January 2020
Back to School 6th January 2020
Spring Break 6th April – 10th April 2020
Back to School 13th April 2020
Last Day of School 14th May 2020