Al-Bayaan Institute (ABI) has been established by community members in the North Fulton County area of metro Atlanta who have a passion for the memorization and understanding of Qur’an and wanted the youth of the area to have an opportunity to study this noble book locally.

ABI is located at the Roswell Community Masjid and is operated under the Education Committee of the masjid.


Al Bayaan Institute is a distinguished educational institution that fosters the development of the next generation of confident, articulate, and noble huffaadth in possession of the highest degree of accuracy and fluency in Quranic recitation, who are well poised for post-secondary academic success and the pursuit of further Islamic scholarship.


To serve the intellectual and spiritual needs of students by using a combination of the traditional approaches in Quranic recitation and memorization extending back to the time of Rasulullah [Muhammad] (SAW), coupled with the most highly regarded modern educational best practices including individualized learning goals and regular independent assessment of progress for hifdth, as well as customized online academic instruction.

Background and History

Since 2004, a number of dedicated teachers and families began working in the North Fulton area individually and collectively to develop programs and halaqaat focused on the reading and meaning of the Qu’ran.

Now that a network of teachers and programs is beginning to be established in the area, many of these families and teachers have come together to establish a serious effort to provide an independent institution dedicated to the memorization of the Qu’ran in the North Fulton area.


Al Bayaan Institute operates as an RCM Program and as such reports to the Operations Director who in turn reports to the RCM Board.  ABI is governed by an Executive Director and with advice from the ABI Advisory Board in matters of finance, planning, and education.  The ABI Administrator reports directly to the ABI Executive Director. The Administrator supervises the staff who operative the program on a daily basis. For more information regarding the governance please refer to the ABI Guide to Success.