To meet the academic learning needs of its students, Al-Bayaan Institute students often register with Georgia authorized public vitural schools such as the K12 Georgia Cyber Academy, Georgia Connections Academy, Provost Academy Georgia, or Georgia Virtual School online learning programs.

Each of these has specific enrollment procedures and deadlines which can be checked by accessing their individual websites.  Other private or public programs may be discussed with us as options on a case by case basis.

On-site, academic facilitation is not provided at this time.  The monitoring of academics is solely the responsibility of the family.  Parents may contract private tutors and contact the RCM Operations Director for use of a room at RCM if they so wish.

ABI families are always generous in sharing their knowledge of these online schools and would be happy to assist in getting your student off to a good start.

 Al-Bayaan Institute families primarily use the accredited public school online home school programs. Please consult with us regarding your plan for academics.  No student will be admitted without an approved academic program. The two most popularly used ABI include the following: