Regular tuition for the Al-Bayaan Institute academic year is $4,800 per year (payable in monthly installments of $400).  Tuition does not include books, transportation, audio visual resources and other student life costs.  All tuition fees are mandatory and non-refundable.

Student Expenses

ABI offers the following figures to help estimate yearly student expenses including tuition:

  • Tuition (for fall, spring, summer semesters): $350 per month
  • Enrollment Fees: $150
  • Student Life Expenses (field trips, competitions, sports, clubs, etc.): TBD*

* Student-related expenses will be estimated based on costs of extra-curricular activities in the metro-Atlanta area. These fees may include activity fees for field trips or other educational experiences that require additional funding. Such costs will be communicated to parents as the need arises in a timely fashion. Actual student-related expenses may vary. 

Tuition and Fees for ABI

To keep our accounts in order we are starting a new method of collection of Tuition and Fees.

Due Date: 15th of Every month.

Forms of Payment: Check or money order only. No cash or direct deposit. Please write your child name in the memo.

Payment Box: Checks or Money orders are to be deposited in the box marked ABI Tuitions or Fees which will be kept in the Sister Shehla’s office From the 10th-15th of every month.

Tuition or fees cannot be handed to any teacher, administrator, or volunteer.

Policy for Late Payments:

  1. Any payment received after the 15th of the month will be considered past due and a charge of $25.00 will be applied for each child.
  2. Any bounced checks will be penalized by a charge of $25.00
  3. Accounts not rectified by the 20th of the month will be given a written notice followed by a suspension warning for each student on the account.
  4. If the account remains unsettled or an alternative payment arrangement is not agreed upon by the 20th of the month, students on the account will be suspended until payment is received or appropriate arrangements have been made.
  5. No child will be re-admitted to the school if there remains outstanding tuition due from a previous semester or year.

Donations and Volunteer Payments in Lieu of Service Hours:

  • Please use the same box for donations for ABI and mention your intended use for the donations such as sponsor a student, books, or treats for the students in memo line of the check or attach a note to the cash. Donations that are not specified will be used for the most pressing need.  Donations can be cash or checks.
  • Volunteer payments are due the last week of the Fall (December) and Spring (May) semesters. Please note that parents will be reminded by email as this time nears as many families are able to complete their semester volunteer hours by this time.  The semester volunteer commitment is 20 hours per year or $200.