Memorizing the entire Holy Qur’an by heart is a monumental task and requires a very high  level of commitment, discipline, and patience.  The rewards of committing the Qur’an to memory are widely acknowledged but less known is the intellectual benefit derived from hifdh.  First and foremost the underlying intention behind memorizing Qur’an should be to please Allah and Allah alone.  Students of hifdh are therefore asked to always be mindful of learning for pretense.  The character development that goes along with memorizing the Qur’an must match the meanings of verses relating to Islamic character; humility, kindness, compassion, respect and tolerance for others. Secondly, the ability to absorb a large amount of information and retain this information is highly beneficial to students who continue their studies whether it is in the field of education, medicine, law, languages, etc.  We therefore welcome students who have a balanced approach to learning and seek to do well in all aspects of life whether it is for their state exams, SATs, or college admission.

The very essence of the Qur’an is to reflect on the world in its nature and creation and to contribute as an individual to society by making a positive contribution.  The Qur’an repeatedly talks of an intellectual, scientific and logical mindset that Muslims should adopt which is why a Hafidh is expected to memorize the Qur’an to initiate the learning process.  It is by no means the end goal but a divine blessing a student seeks to attain on his/her long journey in pursuit of knowledge.  This is the primary reasons Muslims historically excelled as pioneers in mathematics, sciences, literature, astronomy, botany, etc., as their understanding of the Qur’an compelled them to seek knowledge in every field.  The Hafidh was therefore historically the scholar scientist in the waiting.  At Al Bayyan we seek to help our students acquire the skills and mindset required to contribute constructively to American society through this dynamic approach.