A Key to Success For Your Memorization

If there’s anything Al-Bayaan founders have learned from their collective experience is that the #1 most important factor in determining an individual’s success in memorizing Qur’an is intention; and not just any intention, but a strong, burning passion to commit to this effort above all else for the next two to four years and beyond.  Starting this journey with a deep-rooted belief that Allah Almighty’s attributes are beyond our imagination and He is capable of everything and anything; having an “if there’s a will, Allah (swt) will provide the way” attitude can make all the difference in the world.  And we know from experience that when students start off with a strong passion for hifdh, combined with disciplined, structured and nurturing approach, by the grace of Allah (swt), they succeed!

It is also important to recognize that to be a hafidth requires a change of lifestyle.  The moment a person embarks upon the memorization of Qur’an, many visible changes take place.  Being a hafidth is a very special honor as it confers membership into a special group of servants of Allah (swt) and to join this group, in it of itself, is a huge blessing.  So it’s important to realize the significance of this goal and to make it a priority over other all other ambitions.  Before enrolling in a hifdh program, students should know that they will need to sacrifice some things in order to achieve their dream of becoming a hafidth.  To illustrate this point, imagine preparing for a major college entrance exam or the state basketball championship; a person would need to spend countless hours to prepare, practice and rehearse.  Likewise, for one to memorize Qur’an, it’s necessary to forgo or at least minimize many of the time-consuming habits affecting our lives these days – excess sleeping, facebooking, watching movies, video games, eating a lot, etcetera.  Becoming a hafidth is a humble invitation for all to change their lives forever, insha’Allah.

It also critical for parents to have the right intention before enrolling their children in hifdh school.  Often parents will force their children to memorize Qur’an seeking the prestige that comes from saying  “My son is a hafidth.”  Other times, if the child is having trouble at school, parents will send them to a hifdh school with the hopes that being in an Islamic atmosphere will turn the child around.  In either case, the outcome is rarely positive.  So prior to enrolling in ABI, parents should also make sure that their intentions are solely for the pleasure of Allah (swt) alone.

A significant long-term commitment is required not only from the student, but also the parents, as most students take a minimum of two to four years to graduate as hufadth.  The Al-Bayaan program is year-round with no more than two weeks off at any given time, so families that are accustomed to long summer breaks will need to adjust accordingly.  Another consideration for parents is the volunteer requirement.  Al-Bayaan operates on the basis of strong volunteer support and parents are expected to volunteer, in addition to the daily at-home support, a minimum of twenty hours per semester.  Parents should understand, however, that no teacher or institution can guarantee the duration of hifdh for their child or that their children will even be able to complete hifdh.  Completing hifdh will be possible only by the grace of Allah (swt).